Breaking Things

Have you ever felt the need for some destruction?  Ever finished off the shiraz and just wanted to hurl the bottle at the nearest brick wall followed by your glass?  Or maybe you just want to hear the crash of the bat against the bathroom mirror (all bad luck aside.)  Check out one woman’s smashing idea to satisfy your need!

This obviously begs the question: will she franchise?  How fun would it be to be a buyer for this store?  I could spend hours scouring flea markets and Pier One clearance sales for “pretty things” that are just begging to be made into smithereens.

I also want to know if she lets you bring your own.  I mean, what could be more therapeutic than smashing the tea rose china your mother-in-law gave you for the wedding?  Especially after the divorce 😉

I mean, I’d happily pay $20 to utilize the space so that I wouldn’t have to clean up or worry about injury, noise, or police intervention.

A fun gallery with pictures, here.


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